SocialV vs BuddyBoss

SocialV is your BuddyBoss alternative.

Empower your brand, conversations, and community with the leading white-label social networking and community platform - SocialV

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SocialV vs BuddyBoss.

Live Style Customizer
LearnPress with BuddyPress integration
Multi-Language and RTL support
Block, Suspend, and Report
Dark/Light Mode Supported
WP Story Plugin Pro Included
Header Live Chat Notification Bell
Header Friend Request Notification Bell Icon
Header Notification with Online/offline Status Bell Icon
Multiple Header Style
Interactive Ajax Search
Native Mobile App (shared)
Friend Suggestion Widget (Send Invitation To Your Friends)
Group Suggestion Widget (Multiple Groups Invitation Options)
Group Administrator Widget
User Profile Widget
Recent Active Users Online/offline widget
Latest Activity Widgets
Sidebar Panel Add Custom Menu With Icons (Vertical/Horizontal style)
Private Message Direct Chat or Selection Wise
Powerful Theme Options panel
Full Site Restricted/Unrestricted Options
Latest Recent Blog Activity Widget
Multiple Shortcode Added
Ripple Animation
Blog Post Option In Activity Feed
Reaction Feature Added On Comments & Posts
Privacy Settings For Profile Private/Public
GamiPress Levels Unlock, Badges Page
User Profile Personal Information Visibility Settings
WooCommerce With BuddyPress Integration
Realtime Messaging
Send Invitation To Your Friends
GamiPress Points / Ranks / Badges Tab Show In User Profile
Forums Discussion
Favorite ,Social Share
Infinite Scroll , Newest Activity
Create And Join Groups
Public/Private/Hidden Groups
Ajax SignIn/ SignUp/ Forget PWD form page/popup option
Engaging Widgets
Social Login
Verified Members
Course Reviews
Annual Cost

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